Warli project: Sanlorenzo Yacht with Studio Patricia Urquiola

Aggiornamento: 25 giu 2021

Warli has been part of contract architectural projects for many years, alongside industry professionals to create completely customized solutions for residential as well as hospitality, retail and office spaces.

Our hand-made production allows us to offer a wide flexibility in the production of bespoke carpets either through the adaptation of rugs from our catalogue or one-off designs proposed by the clients.

For each individual project, our work with architects, contractors and interior designers is based on mutual collaboration, the research for solutions that fits the uniqueness of the project by size, yarns, colours and different techniques.

The project for Sanlorenzo Yachts is an example of this teamwork. On this occasion we collaborated with Studio Patricia Urquiola, who had the challenge to develop the interiors for the new SD96 semi-displacement yacht. An unconventional high-end setting. For this project the rugs chosen to complete the furnishing were: Dots and Mantra from our Handloom collection, Albers handknotted and Big Sur a flatweave dhurrie, designed by Paolo Zani. Each model was adapted in size and shape to fit the project requirements.

Main protagonist was Dots. Inspired by the sea colours, the base of the rug was re-designed in a gradation of colours and dots carefully curated and selected with the Urquiola team. An exclusive customization achieved by redefining technical characteristics of the rug, adapted to meet the desired final effect. The result was a rug that blends perfectly with the sophisticated and welcoming interior by a modern and elegant look. Our in-house design team and weavers expertise are a unique support to client's vision by sampling the most appropriate production techniques and yarns in accordance with project's placement, scale and budget.

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