Warli - A space for yourself

Aggiornamento: 30 mar 2021

Warli is an indian term, it expresses the territory. This meaning re-elaborated by us led to imagining the area of the carpet as a personal and aesthetic space.

If an area defines the domestic space in which to stay, the carpet becomes an element that delimits the space in which to be.

Warli was born from the encounter between technical tradition and innovative design.

With technical tradition we refer to the production of textiles that, handed down from generation to generation, has allowed the construction of a valuable know-how, which is the basis of Indian manual production. Warli 'handmade by nature' is synonymous for sophisticated and innovative 'handmade' with high quality standards.

It also intertwines with the innovation of European design. The Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, Anni Albers, Man Ray, are the roots that have influenced the design by Warli, made of research, contemporary and sometimes unexplored patterns.

Warli was born from all this, its first carpet 'Giochi di coppia' sums up the company’s project: a dark blue base, animated at the center by a white spiral, a breaking design element, which retains traces of continuity with the textile tradition and production technique.

Warli is design culture, an expression of continuous research of innovation, traditional techniques, artisanal excellence, attention to detail and sustainable production.


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