Sustainability: a no longer returnable commitment

The ONU, Organization of United Nations, has imperatively established that plastic pollution is the most dangerous of all.

The extent of this problem can be explained by a few but serious numbers: in the Mediterranean Sea, a closed basin on the shores of which tens of millions of people live, every year about 570 thousand tons of plastic are released, about 34,000 plastic bottles every minute. Of the 400 million tonnes of virgin plastic produced every year in the world, about 100 million end up in the environment. It is no longer a novelty that in the Pacific Ocean floats an artificial plastic island whose extension is unknown, perhaps much larger than the Iberian peninsula. The list of health and environmental damages caused by the release of micro plastics is much longer and not yet determinable.

To reduce plastic pollution is a shared responsibility. At Warli we recognize it and above all we want to take care of our environment. From this sense of responsibility the K&B Collection is born, bath and kitchen rugs entirely made of 100% recycled PET. This means that for every square meter of rug that we produce, we remove 100 plastic bottles from the earth.

We use only recyclable PET waste. PET is a material that can potentially be reprocessed forever, while maintaining its distinctive characteristics unchanged.

The raw material comes from plastic waste segregation. Afterwards the waste is sent to production plants, where they are transformed into recycled polyethylene. In the making of the K&B collection we use traditional weaving on hand looms with new-generation yarns. K&B rugs are not only sustainable but have important quality characteristics: they are washable, stain-resistant and with a refined design.

All this is possible when with the common commitment to the environment and production processes precious raw materials are recovered, that are both easily available and in quantities that allow an economically sustainable reuse.

Warli is gradually building its own circular economy which we will continue to talk about in the next articles. Stay tuned!

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