Ponza: an outdoor rug that combines tradition and hi-tech yarns

Aggiornamento: 21 lug 2021

‘Plein Sud’ is the outdoor rug collection where the comfort and warmth of indoor spaces meets high tech yarns with weather resistance.

'Ponza' is a protagonist of this exclusive collection.

In a journey of re-interpretation of traditional carpet weaving, we resumed the sumak technique to create this model. 'Sumak' is a sophisticated, unusual and historical technique where each weft is wrapped over four warps , then pulling the wefts back through the first two warps, and on and on until the rug is formed. No knots are tied in the process which makes 'Ponza' that much stronger. The mélange yarns have been carefully selected due to their resistance to atmospheric agents as well as a high UV stability.

The result is a high quality durable rug, with an essential structure and an appealing design that combines high performance yarns, soft touch and easy cleaning for beautiful surroundings.

Whether on a rooftop, a spa or under a table, Ponza perfectly adapts and complements every environment. Tradition and hi-tech yarn for modern nomads.

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