Pleiadi: an outdoor rug design process

Pleiadi is the latest addition to Plein Sud, our Outdoor rugs collection. A blend of comfort and innovation that generate a contemporary rug fit to withstand sunshine, rain or snow.

The outdoor is a demanding, harsh environment, where the material and its technical characteristics are as important as the design itself.

Warli has produced outdoor rugs for the most extreme weathers for more than 10 years now. Relying on an internal design process to obtain contemporary patterns to complement every space and the highest technical yarns to guarantee the durability and performance of the rug.

Pleiadi is a rug characterized by its repetition and serpent like movement that invites the observer to navigate through its surface. Add colour and indoor comfort beneath your feet on your deck, porch or patio with a rug that will weather the elements.

“Pleiadi is an idea born out of the blue, a sketch from the past made on a piece of paper. No research, no computer processing, only the continuity of an element that repeats itself within a geometric shape. Then comes the work and care of our craftsmen, capable of translating an idea into a piece of furniture with skill and dedication.” Paolo Zani

An outdoor monochrome rug, made in synthetic 'w-proof' yarn, the rug is UV and weather resistant. A single cord results in a continuous repetition, sewn and assembled by hand. The terminals simulate traditional fringes. Its technical yet soft yarn makes Pleiadi a perfect rug for both outdoor and et areas such as saunas and spas.

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