PET: saving what can be saved

The circular economy is defined as an economic regenerative system that is aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources, guaranteeing its eco-sustainability. Products and infrastructure are produced to be in use longer, then, when their life cycle is concluded, they can be separated and reused in other ways.

In these processes, Italy represents a European excellence. A recent report has defined Italy as the first country in Europe for the percentage of recycling of total waste produced, equal to 79.3%, almost twice the EU average of 39.2%.

K&B, made in 100% recycled PET, is the collection that best represents our contribution in the ecological transition that the new generations of products will have to realize.

PET is a plastic originating from natural gas, petroleum or vegetable raw materials. The history of its development dates back to the second half of the 19th century, patented and kept a secret for some years, this material began to enter the market of mass consumption in the '50s when 'plastic' became the dominant material for packaging as well as the production of bottles and fabrics.

In the '60s, fashion, design and art thought of ways to ennoble its possible uses and, at the same time, a large group of consumers started having access to products previously reserved to elite users: the furnishing of the house was among these.

The extreme diffusion on consumer or single use products, has generated devastating consequences for the environment, a real ocean of plastic. Their heavy environmental impact is not an original sin but is a consequence of the use we make of them as consumers.

PET is 100% recyclable: once transformed, it does not lose its fundamental properties, it can be re-processed potentially endlessly transforming into valuable products.If used and reutilized responsibly it knows no limits.

By producing the K&B line with the use of 100% recycled PET, Warli is committed to limiting the damage of plastic pollution by recovering 100 plastic bottles per square meter of carpet product.

We’re all made of the same stuff.

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