K&B collection, 100% recycled rugs

Aggiornamento: 18 nov 2021

K&B rugs are part of the collection for home living, dedicated to the kitchen and bathroom.

Designed to meet specific needs in environments that require technical as well as functional characteristics that the traditional rugs usually does not have.

The bathroom and the kitchen are in fact two environments that put any rug to the test.

Warli has designed these product family thinking of resolving everyday use needs, such as strength, anti slip, flame resistant, moisture-proof in addition to resistance to frequent washing and stains of various kinds.

To all this we have added a sustainable design philosophy that has always been part of Warli and that we use more and more in the study of each product and their life cycle.

The result is the K&B collection, a product made from 100% recycled PET.

Every 100 recovered plastic bottles we obtain about 1 square meter of carpet; eliminating waste that is difficult to dispose of from circulation and giving it new life in other forms.


Spoiler: soon the carpets from the K&B collection will be part of a special promotion for Black Friday.

Visit our website or our shop to learn more about the products of this collection and keep an eye on upcoming promotions.

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