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Aggiornamento: 24 giu 2021

One thing we are very proud of at Warli is the complete 'handmade' production of our carpets.

At the heart of the company is the conviction to produce in areas of the world with a historic textile tradition of quality and manual processing as India.

The skilled craftsmen with whom we collaborate keep a know-how, handed down from generation to generation, and develop with us new techniques for weaving, knotting, embroidery, just to name a few, that mechanical productions can not recreate and instead make each rug a unique piece.

When we talk about work in India, the risk is the association with the concept of exploitation, especially regarding minors and the consequences this carries for their education.

Warlis ethical and social responsibility, ensures that the production of each carpet doesn’t employ child or illegal work.

Warli has always been committed to producing respecting sustainable working practices and certifying its 'child labour free'.

The Covid pandemic in India has further exacerbated the country’s economic difficulties and in particular its small textile production activities. Through our STEP partner we recently joined with a donation to weavers and their families. Here is the link to donate:



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