A chapter of contemporary rugs and flooring made to measure.


Each carpet is unique, as are the preferences of our customers. We actively collaborate with the design and choice of customized solutions to the needs of architects and interior designers. 'Made to measure' is the added value of an exclusive product, with a tailored concept, particularly dedicated to residential and public contract.

Equipment is a blend of handloom production processes and raw materials of high quality. A sophisticated design language made ​​of essentiality, structures, colors and material innovation. We use only high quality yarns such as viscose, wool, linen, silk, tencel.

Each of our models can be customized according to size, shape and color.

We work with a catalog of 1500+ colors and different weaving techniques, to create a rug 100% personalized for your project.

Based on the needs of each project we offer the collaboration of our team to develop new customized rug solutions.

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