Warli project: Ca'di Dio, the new hotel at Venice

In August 2021, during a warm, long summer, at Warli we have delivered our rugs and lights for the latest collaboration with Studio Urquiola, a 5 star Luxury Hotel Cà di Dio - God's Own House, in Venice. The building, an ancient refuge for pilgrims and women, is a historic residence rebuilt by Jacopo Sansovino in the 1500s with a long tradition of hospitality that has its roots in 1200. Austere and elegant, Cà di Dio is an eloquent tale that stages a less exhibited, truer Venetian style.

Combining past and present in a welcoming and contemporary vision, the hotel has been furnished by Warli's Basel, handknotted carpet for the main lobby in a custom oval shape and colours, laying under a chandelier made of 14.000 Murano crystals.

Albers rug has been set in a secondary hall, while 66 rooms, 57 suites and 9 deluxe rooms are hosting Mantra rugs and 3 inner gardens are illuminated with Twilight lanterns, all designed by Paolo Zani. Contemporary design meets traditional weaving in natural sustainable yarns that merge with the building history, respecting its past whilst reinterpreting it in a new light.

We are very proud of Warli's collaboration with Studio Urquiola, a common ground for architecture and interior design's new 5 star hospitality models by redesigning the concept

of luxury and sustainable approach.

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