In 2021 the creation of several new products and contract projects was very intense for Warli. Without ever forgetting the environmental impact of our works, we focused on what we do best: research and innovation for new materials, weaving techniques, and production processes.

One of our best-sellers, the Twilight outdoor lantern, has been made even more performing thanks to a new LED source, induction charging and remote control dimmer.

We have developed new carpets with the aim of innovating techniques and materials tested in contract projects such as for 'Finisterre' or for 'Pleiadi' their uniqueness of workmanship, for 'Nomad' with the wide range of color combinations.

The table lamps la Lune Sous Le Chapeau, a classic by Man Ray from 1974, reissued from the long oblivion to which it had been unjustly relegated, has revised the light thanks to a careful re-styling in new colors, materials and finishes.

Contract projects are one of the natural environments of Warli products. No matter if they are requested 'tailor-made' or offered in preview and then included in the catalog as new expressions of innovation. The extension of 'Il Sereno' on Lake Como, the Hotel Cà di Dio in Venice, both by Studio Urquiola, the outdoor areas of the Four Seasons Resort Maldives,

private residences in the Greek islands, are just some of the best projects we have. Built with prestigious architectural firms and exclusive international clients.

The future is already here. We are very proud of this 2021, with the awareness of being able to face the new year in the best possible way. We want to wish you a Happy 2022, full of projects, colors, and patterns that can improve our living.

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