1200 colors + custom size = Equipment Collection

The will to travel is more than ever a shared sentiment. We are noticing that for this sweet escape the tendency is to choose not only exclusive destinations but, above all, unique accommodations.

In fact we are observing a particular trend: reprojecting rooms, halls, receptions for hotels and for all those locations designed to accommodate tourists.

Exclusivity of those settings lies in the attention to details and indoor design. Architects and interior designers have chosen to collaborate with Warli, drawing on the Equipment catalogue for the realization of custom-made rugs.

Equipment is the perfect catalogue for residential and contract projects: each carpet is specifically produced in synergy with the customer: the choice of colors can be between those in the catalogue or among the other 1200 available. Carpets dimensions can be realized up to 5x25 meters, which is perfect for a wall-to-wall use. It is therefore an open production system, synonymous with customization, where colors and sizes interact with the designer.

Equipment is a collection intended for hospitality, retail, residential, yachting, wellness or corporate spaces, it furnishes the most exclusive interiors of the international scene.

Warli makes available its experience, that comes from years of working alongside architects and designers in the implementation of their projects to help new clients with new projects, adapting to different styles and needs but always maintaining the distinctive Warli characteristics: handmade, tailored and above all high quality.

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