NOMAD  design Paolo Zani, 2021

Nomad is the expression of colors in its most natural and unexpected version. A single surface with edges and fringes in asymmetrical colors.
Nomad is a universal collection of 10 colorful rugs, very light, easily stackable and juxtaposed. Nomad is designed to accompany the primary needs of living, it is transient, it can be carried from one environment to another because of its physical but also visual lightness. It is not a settled carpet, let him accompany you.



Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 01_samp.jpg
ND | 01
border medium grey mélange
fringes pastel green and taupe
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 02_samp.jpg
ND | 02
light blue
border warm grey mélange
fringes cornflower blue and blue grey
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 03_samp.jpg
ND | 03
blue grey
border aqua mélange
fringes denim blue and sage green
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 04_samp.jpg
ND | 04
aqua mélange
border teal
fringes green brown and pastel green
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 05_samp.jpg
ND | 05
dark brown mélange
border blue grey
fringes ruby and cornflower blue
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 06_samp.jpg
ND | 06
soil mélange
border light blue grey
fringes yellow straw and pastel green
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 07_samp.jpg
ND | 07
charcoal mélange
border light green grey
fringes denim blue and ochre
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 08_samp.jpg
ND | 08
apple green mélange
border light blue grey
fringes olive green and lilac
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 09_samp.jpg
ND | 09
plum mélange
border teal
fringes ruby and cornflower blue
Dhurrie_Nomad_ND 10_samp.jpg
ND | 10
warm grey mélange
border teal
fringes cornflower blue and yellow straw

Technical information



Pile height: 


Handwoven 'dhurrie' carpet, wool and viscose.

170 x 240 / 200 x 300

Available in custom sizes.

5 mm. approx.

2,1 Kg/sqm approx.


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